What does ‘Train’ Mean in Ms. Marvel Episode 3?
What does ‘Train’ Mean in Ms. Marvel Episode 3?

What does ‘Train’ Mean in Ms. Marvel Episode 3?

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Of the many mysteries in the Ms Marvel series, many fans are curious about the mysterious bracelet of Kamala (Iman Vellani). And as time goes by, the mystery slowly begins to unfold. Where episode 3 just aired yesterday, finally revealed a few facts about who Aisha (Mehwish Hayat) really is. Apart from Kamala’s great-grandmother, it turns out that Aisha is also a Djinn / Clan Destine who is looking for the bracelet to open a portal to the Noor Dimension.

Because of that too, Kamala finally becomes the target of another Djinn who is none other than Kamran’s mother, Najma (Nimra Bucha). Interestingly, when Najma tried to use the power of the bracelet in Kamala’s hand, they immediately saw the image of a train locomotive. Unfortunately, before the shadow completes and gives an answer to Kamala, DODC comes interrupting and eventually arrests Najma. What was the meaning of the appearance of the train in Kamala’s shadow? Does this have anything to do with Aisha?

Last Train to Karachi?

Not long after Kamala returned home feeling uneasy, her grandmother in Pakistan suddenly called her. Sana (Samina Ahmad) ordered Kamala to immediately take her mother to Karachi City, Pakistan. Because it turns out that her grandmother has also seen the shadow of the train that Kamala saw before. Sana is even convinced that Kamala’s mother, Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff), has had a similar experience. Although Kamala hasn’t realized it yet, it seems that the train has a fairly close relationship with her family.

Previously in Ms Marvel episode 2, Kamala’s father, Yusuf (Mohan Kapur) briefly told the Muneeba family incident on the last train when India and Pakistan separated. Most likely the train that appeared in Kamala’s shadow was the last train to Karachi City in the Muneeba family’s past story. In the story, it is stated that Sana, who at that time was a child, suddenly disappeared during the Partition of India-Pakistan. To this day it is still not revealed how Sana finally got on the train and met her father.

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Connecting the Kamala Family

Hearing Sana’s explanation on the phone, it seemed that when Najma activated the shadow that Kamala saw, all of the Destine Kamala clan’s family from Aisha’s line could see the same carriage even without the bracelet. If it was true, that Muneeba had seen it too, it would seem that the train was one of the powerful symbols that connected them. And if they were lucky, they would all finally be able to find out what really happened to Aisha before she disappeared during Partition. This chariot symbol may also be Aisha’s way of communicating with her descendants.

So far it’s still not revealed where is Aisha’s whereabouts? Is he still alive somewhere or not? It was possible that Aisha might have made it back to the Noor Dimension by the time the Partition took place. Because in the flashback story in episode 3 it was revealed that there is actually another bracelet that looks like Kamala’s bracelet. Maybe Aisha used the other bracelet to return to the Noor Dimension and gave the other one to Sana until it finally fell into Kamala’s hands.

On the other hand, Aisha might also have known that other Destine Clans would be looking for Kamala’s bracelet for their own personal purposes. And in order to help Kamala in defeating them, Aisha might purposely cast a shadow on the Karachi train to bring her family together. Indirectly this shadow has served as a beacon to awaken the Destine Aisha Clan families that danger is threatening them and perhaps the Earth as a whole.

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Although the full story of Aisha and the shadow of this train is still a mystery, but at least now the answers are slowly starting to be revealed. Kamala, Muneeba, and Sana’s meeting in Karachi in the next episode will likely reveal what has happened to Aisha. We look forward to the continuation of the story in the last three episodes of Ms Marvel which will air every Wednesday only on Disney+.