Very Easy Tips for Printing Large Images on Many Small Papers in Office Excel
Very Easy Tips for Printing Large Images on Many Small Papers in Office Excel

Very Easy Tips for Printing Large Images on Many Small Papers in Office Excel

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Very Easy Tips Print Large Images On Many Small Paper Sizes In Office Excel. Office Excel is not only used to process data.

We can also use this program to print large images. If you want to print several large images on small size paper, then use Office Excel.

It may be common that relying on computers can be solved with Excel Business Office. In fact, it is a program specifically designed to meet this need. So you won’t be surprised if Excel saves some tricks for calculating using made to office formulas.

But if we rely on Office Excel to print large images maybe some people have never heard of it.

Yes it is true, if we want to print big pictures then we can use office as well as the best solution. Here large images exceed standard paper sizes such as single sound4, legal, F4, and so on. Because we already know that printers on the market generally can only use a maximum paper size of F4 / legal.

Then what if we have large images that may require more than 1 A4 paper?

Here’s how to print large images in printing very small documents to Excel

If we print a larger image that is divided into multiple sheets when the image is printed successfully, we also connect the sections of paper to become an image.

We just put it into practice to make it easier to understand. Here I will give a nice picture for Office Excel print 2007.

Click Activate Office Excel and View > Page Layout tab. The command is to display the Excel working screen so that it is visible on your paper page.

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The next step is to click the Page Layout tab > Page Setup. In this step we need to determine the type of paper or adjust to the paper we have.

First Set the orientation you want to activate the page tab then you want to print on the position of the drawing or scenario paper. Then determine the type of paper that will be used in the paper size. Here I will only use one4 type of paper.

Click next step on the margins tab. Sets, left, right, and bottom borders. Here I specify a margin range of 1 cm only. Then to print center on horizontal and vertical status, please check this setting centered on the page.

Done! Now it’s time to insert the image that we will print in Excel. Click the Insert tab > Picture.

Select the printed image in Office excel. Try the image format is the .JPG extension.

You can successfully see the result of a larger image that has been inserted in office excel. With the example image below, I need 6 sheets of A4 paper.
If the result is like my example, now you can simply print the image. I assume you can print in Office Excel already. Or you can use the keyboard shortcut by pressing floral + P if you don’t want to be complicated.