How to Voice Note in the Latest Facebook Comments (FB Lite)
How to Voice Note in the Latest Facebook Comments (FB Lite)

How to Voice Note in the Latest Facebook Comments (FB Lite)

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Hey friends, meet again with us who will be here to bring you a variety of interesting and updated information which is definitely too bad to miss.

When talking about Facebook, of course, it is already familiar to most people, where Facebook itself is one of the social media that is quite popular and widely used, from teenagers to parents.

For those of you who may be a Facebook user, then you are in the right article because we will provide special interesting information for Facebook users.

No wonder why Facebook is quite popular, this is because this application provides an opportunity for users to socialize with other users.

How to VN in the Latest Facebook Comments (FB Lite)

So users of this application can interact through a message, photo, video or comment feature.

However, recently social media is being stirred up with one of the new features found on Facebook.

For those of you who are curious about what features have succeeded in attracting the attention of netizens, then keep reading to the end.

Where Facebook itself issued a VN or Voice Note feature in the comments, of course this is what makes it even more interesting.

Well, so Facebook users can send VN in a comment and it can be played or played by other users to listen to the voice recording that has been shared.

Of course, with the presence of this one feature, Facebook users can not only provide comments through writing, but can also use VN which is rarely found on other social media.

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How about it, friend, are you interested and want to try the latest features on Facebook?

Here we will share how to use the VN feature on Facebook comments as follows.

Indeed, currently there are so many Facebook users who have used the VN feature in this comment.

But not infrequently, most Facebook users still feel confused about how to use this new feature.

It turns out that the method is very easy and simple, where you can do VN in the comments via the regular Facebook application or Facebook Lite.

To get this feature, users are required to update the Facebook application first.

If you have, you just open a post on Facebook, then click the mic icon in the comments column to create a VN and you’re done.

How is it, my friend, is very easy, isn’t it?, what are you waiting for, just try it.


So for the discussion this time, hopefully it will be quite helpful, thank you.